Other sensitivity-related resources



Overall Educational Websites:

Alison Johnson’s Books & Documentaries on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. http://www.alisonjohnsonmcs.com/

ASEHA Qld. Allergy, Sensitivity & Environmental Health Associaton Qld Inc. http://www.asehaqld.org.au/index.php/a-guide-to-living-with-mcs

Dispatches from the chemical edge: A Collection of Issues and Resources from the World of Toxics Research & Activism. Presented with Additional Stories and Articles by Varda Burstyn. https://chemical-edge.com/

The EI Wellspring: Practical Information for Coping with Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity. http://www.eiwellspring.org/

Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution: Environmental Health: Living in a Polluted World. https://seriouslysensitivetopollution.org/ Linda Sepp’s site has a multitude of resources for and about living with MCS/ES, even including a list of free resources found online (including courses and books). I could never duplicate her wonderful list of resources.


Advocacy Organizations:

The Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN), a support and advocacy organization dealing with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), run by the chemically injured for the benefit of the chemically injured. Focuses primarily on education, credible research into MCS, and the empowerment of the chemically injured. (406) 547-2255. www.ciin.org

The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation. a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, is to raise public awareness about multiple chemical sensitivity. The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation is working to encourage research to further validate the existence of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Research bibliography, videos by Alison Johnson, information on fragrance sensitivity. www.chemicalsensitivityfoundation.org

Environmental Illness Resource. Online community for survivors of environmental and invisible illnesses. www.ei-resource.org

Independent Living Research Utilization     (713) 520-0232.     “ILRU, founded in 1977, has a long history of providing research, education and consultation in the areas of independent living, home and community-based services, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.” See especially the document Understanding & Accommodating People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Independent Living.

MACI: Massachusetts Association for the Chemically Injured. http://www.maci-mcs.org/

MCS Friends (248) 301-2283 “We specialize in connecting our members to each other for social support and helpful information.” National and International in membership. Weekly conference calls and small quarterly newsletter. http://www.mcsfriends.org/resources/



Ann McCampbell, M.D., Environmental Health Consultant. http://annmccampbell.com/multiple-chemical-sensitivity/


May Indoor Air Investigations LLC. http://www.mayindoorair.com/ Indoor air testing, mold inspections, newsletter, and the owner, Jeffrey C. May, has written a number of books on indoor air. Tyngsborough, MA 01879. Phone: 978-649-1055; 800-686-1055; info@mayindoorair.com