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Welcome to the website for the James Madison University Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Research Team. We study the life impacts of living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, also referred to as Environmental Illness, Chemical Injury, and Chemical Hypersensitivity. MCS is sometimes associated with Electromagnetic Sensitivity.


We currently have a new study which is an interview study of women over 65 who have had environmental sensitivities (chemical and/or electrohypersensitivity).

Invitation to participate in research conducted by Dr. Pam Gibson and the

We are seeking women over 65 who have lived with chemical and/or electrical hypersensitivities, for 10 years or more, to participate in a study of growing older with environmental sensitivities. You can be physician or self-diagnosed. If you are willing to participate in an audiotaped telephone interview about how you meet your needs while having sensitivities, please email Pam Gibson at If you are unable to email, you may phone, but email will facilitate our getting back to you more efficiently. Please email the best way to contact you. Phone: 540-568-6195.

ALSO COMING SOON: We also anticipate a large Qualtrics study of older women with environmental sensitivities and their needs. This will ask about a variety of needs and how they are met as women age with chemical intolerances and electrohypersensitivity. We have to design and acquire approval for the study.

Check our current studies page to see what we are doing.



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